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Engine Bay

Remove Leaf, Dirt, Oil and Grease. Wash/Dress Hoses and Plastic Trim.


Outside Wash, Clean/Dress Wheels & Tires and Exterior Windows.

Midsize SUV/Pickup $35

Minivans/Large SUV $45


Spray Wax $10.

Clay Bar Treatment $75.


Interior Wipe Down, Vacuum, Interior Windows and Fresh Scents.

Midsize/Pickup $35

Minivans/Large SUV $45


Pet Hair $10

Leather Condition $10

Restore Headlamps

Remove Minor Scratches and Oxidation. Headlight Coating 1 year Warranty.

Clay Bar Treatment

Exterior Wash, Remove contaminants from the surface of your car paint, glass. Hand Wax Apply

Midsize SUV/Pickup $125

Minivan/Large SUV $150

Shampoo/Steam Cleaning

Shampoo Cloths Seats/Carpets, Leather Seats Clean/Dress, Interior Deep Clean, Disinfect Interior Door Panel, DashBoard, A/C Vents, Headliner, Sun visors, Front & Rear Car Seats, Front & Rear Carpets and Trunk, Interior Windows and Fresh Scents.

Minivans/ Large Suv $150

Paint Correction

Exterior Wash, Clean/Dress Wheels & Tires, Clay bar Treatment, Iron Remover and 1 Step Paint Polish.

Midsize SUV/Pickup $400

Minivans/Large SUV $500

Add on:

Ceramic Coating $500

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